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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mascara Comparison Review!!!

Hi everyone,

I think I finally got my writting groove back so here's a new blog post I know a lot of beauty addicts will like.
I decided to compare all my mascara's to choose the best.
The contestants are:
-elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo
-elf Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara
-Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara
-Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

So let's start with packaging, shall we?
Here we are:

 The first review goes to elf's Earth and Water Mascara Duo. I bought this for 1,70€ (1£) at
This Mascara has two ends, one is waterproof and the other is regular. The brushes are the same but the formulas are slightly different.
The packaging is sturdy, thin and easy to carry, it was also prettier than I expected and not tacky at all, I was quite impressed by it.
elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo -Regular Side

elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo -Waterproof Side

Second review goes to elf's Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara. I bought this at for 4€ (3,50£).
The brush is interesting but pretty standard, the package is light, chic and sturdy, all in all i like it but I think the holder is way too long for no reason.
elf Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara
 The third review goes to Oriflame's Wonderlash Mascara. I'm not sure about the price of this at the time because this was a gift to me and I did not buy it myself but apparently it sells for around 8,50€ (or 7,45£).
The packaging is plain and long but pretty good. The brush is absolutly unique and I ADORE it- unlike Eyeko's Big Eye's brush it's easy to apply without smudging and the silicone tips catch every lash, one side of the brush is bigger than the other which is also unique and allows you to get to each lash in each corner in whatever size. To me it's an amazing brush shape.
Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara

The fourth review goes to Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara.
I bought this for 9€ (7,95£) off because it has recently been discountinued from Eyeko untill the improved (and more expensive) version is released but originally the price was 10,50€ from
 I LOVE this packaging- so unique! The tube is squeazable and packs A LOT of product, meaning it lasts longer than most mascaras, and the formula is resistant too. The brush is also unique and surprisingly good for a great final finish but it takes quite a bit of practice to get used to using it without smudging, not very good for speed applications but great for a wonderful final result.
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

And now for the results. I will start with bare eyes and then show the comparison.

These are my bare eyes.
Bare Lashes 1

Bare Lashes 2

Bare Lashes 3

Here are my eyes with the elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo. I found that the regular side left a more natural look and did somewhat give a "lots of lashes" look but it was discreet and didn't offer much curl.
The waterproof side gave a more dramatic effect and some curl, not bad when it comes to volumizing but not the best for lenght but not bad for it either.
Both formulas are light, comfortable, easy to apply and not very clumpy or drying at all. However this was still pretty disappointing, but I guess for the price it's actually pretty good, I'm just used to more from elf.
elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo
-Piercing Side: Waterproof
-Non Piercing Side: Regular

elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo
-Piercing Side: Waterproof
-Non Piercing Side: Regular

Here are my eyes with el's Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara. The formula is very light and comfortable to wear but it didn't impress me. Given the difference in price I prefer the elf Earth and Water Mascara Duo, this is not as good and doesn't give as much curl or volume. However I give it points for being waterproof, it also doesn't clump at all and can be easily layered for longer, separated lashes. It's not drying or clumpy at all.
This isn't really that bad but to me it was extremelly disappointing, sure it's lenghtening but still not what it promises, however different products yield different results for each person so given the price don't be afraid to try it out.
elf Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara

elf Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing Mascara

Here are my eyes with Oriflame's Wonderlash Mascara. This is one of my personal favourites. It is somewhat waterproof, gives a lot of curl and lenght and quite a bit of volume, plus it's buildable. The formula is very light-weight and not drying at all. Love it.
Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara

Oriflame Wonderlash Mascara

And here are my eyes with Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara. I admit it- this is my personal favourite, it's far out of my budget but I just love it. When Eyeko promises to give you anime doll eyes with this mascara, they are not kidding! It gives amazing volume, gorgeous lenght and the curl isn't too shabby either, so it provides amazing dramatic eyes! The down sides are- it isn't waterproof at all and will easily run with humidity (though without humidity it is highly resistant and lasts very long), also it can clump a bit if you try to layer it slowly.
You may also notice that in all the photos my eyelashes look pretty long themselves, that is also due to this mascara and the growth compound in it that helps lashes grow long and healthy.
Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara
All in all, these are not the worse mascaras in the market, in fact they are quite good but I'm giving my personal opinion.
Now my rating (out of 10 stars) for each of these mascaras is:
-elf Earth and Water mascara duo -6/10
-elf Waterproof Lenghtening and Volumizing mascara -5/10
-Oriflame Wonderlash mascara -8/10
-Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara -9/10
Sorry about my tired looking eyes and deep dark circles but I really was tired when I worked on this (all nighter).
Anyway, I hope my review helped and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask!

That's all for now.
Lot's of lipstick kisses,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kiss & Makeup's First Giveaway!

Hi everybody,
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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Glossyarts Giveaway

Hello everyone,
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