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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Valentine Kisses March Madness

Hi darlings!
Another great giveaway for you all!
Check out Valentine Kisses's March Madness Giveaway by clicking the picture below.

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Glitter Obsession 600 Follower Giveaway

Glitter Obsession is having a beautiful giveaway to celebrate reaching 600 followers.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Nail Polish Wars 700 Follower Giveaway

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Nail Polish Wars is having a beautiful Giveaway to celebrate getting 700 followers, so click on the picture below to check it out.

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SadeeStyle White Day Giveaway

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SadeeStyle Beauty & Fashion Blog is having a great White Day Giveaway!
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Polished Criminails 500 Followers Giveaway

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Just posting to share a little Giveaway from Polished Criminails blog.
Click the image below to check it out.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Deuce Beauty Giveaways

Check out Deuce Beauty's 2 new giveaways by clicking the pictures below!

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Glam Polish Giveaway

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Here's a wonderful new giveaway for you all.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

elf' Super Glossy Lip Shine Review

Hi everyone!
Finally here's a new review. Today I'm going to talk about elf's Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15.

"This Super Glossy SPF 15 formula fights environmental damage while leaving your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavour and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight! The perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime!
'Angel' # 2801 is our only shade that doesn't contain SPF15 but is packed with gorgeous glittery bits instead."
elf website

You can find this product HERE (UK) and HERE (US). It costs 1$/1,50£/1.70€.

I will review the following colours:
-Mauve Luxe
-Iced Latte
-Pink Kiss

General Review:
I really truly enjoy this product. In fact, I  wasn't the only one! I had to buy the Mauve Luxe SGLS 3 times because my mother took my first one and then my friend took the second one!
This particular gloss is exactly the type I like- it is thick but not heavy or sticky and intense but not feathery and messy, plus they are very hydrating and do effectively protect from UV rays. The colours can be either extremely pigmented or simply very glossy and shiny without much colour, they mix well with other products such as lipstick and last a long time...unless you constantly lick your lips like I do because the flavour of this gloss is just too delicious!
These glosses have a vanilla-grape scent and flavour that is absolutely heavenly and makes me want to taste and smell it constantly, I almost wish there was a matching perfume for it (lol).
As for the colours, allow me to review them with the swatches.

Here are some photos, because everyone loves swatches. xD
LtoR- Pink Kiss, Mauve Luxe, Iced Latte, Goddess, Angel

LtoR-Angel, Goddess, Iced Latte, Mauve Luxe, Pink Kiss

LtoR-Angel, Goddess, Iced Latte, Mauve Luxe, Pink Kiss
I added two swatches from different angles so you can see both the colour and the glittery effect.
Here are swatches wearing the actual products, but first a bare lips photo for comparison (oh and ignore how dry and hurt my lips are, I ran out of balm)

Bare Lips

The photo swatches just don't do justice to this beautiful gloss!  Angel may be the only shade that does not have spf15 but it is a perfectly colourless gloss but packed with intense glittery shimmer. It's perfect to wear over lipstick to brighten up whatever dull old colour you might have lying around or you can simply use it nude for a beautiful (but not overpowering) glow.

This is another colour that the photo just can't do justice too. Goddess is a beautiful peachy pink with a very neutral glittery glow. It's the perfect summer gloss in my opinion and absolutely gorgeous, it's also perfect for the younger crowd, which is why I gave several of these to my cousins and my little sister.

Iced Latte
This is one of my personal favs and one of the 2 darkest shades I own, however it does not look as overpowering as it does in the photo because the shimmer tones down the colour somehow. It's a nice cappuccino brown colour with a golden glow. Like Mauve Luxe it is almost opaque and therefor doesn't blend as well with other colours but still looks gorgeous if you layer it thinly. I love it.

Mauve Luxe
This one seems to be the favourite among the people I know for some reason, my mom in particular adores it. It actually looks a little darker in real life, it is a warm mauve/grape colour with a pretty golden shimmer and very glossy. Like Iced Latte it is almost opaque and therefor doesn't blend as well with other colours but still looks gorgeous over hot colours. Very classy colour.

Pink Kiss
This is the lightest pink shade of the SGLS collection. It's a pretty baby pink with an almost frosted shimmer on it, but even though it's quite shimmery, it is still subtle and discreet. It's the perfect day-to-day pink and works well for any occasion, be it going out with the girls, day-to-day errands or even for work.

So, all in all I love this elf product. A lot of people don't like very thick lip glosses like these but I love them specially because they are not heavy or sticky at all and the fact that they are thick helps them stay put and not feather (which is something I hate with watery glosses). I definitely will keep using these forever!
I give them a 9 out of 10 rating, simply because they need more colour variety, elf already as an extensive selection of Super Glossy Lip shines but they are so good that a wider colour range would be wonderful.

That's all for now.
Have a beautiful day!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two extra giveaways!

Hi again darlings!
Here are two extra giveaway for everyone:

Beauty Moments 30 Follower Giveaway:

SadeeStyle Beauty & Fashion Blog -Rimmel London Giveaway:

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Toxic Lotus Giveaway

Hello darlings!
Here is a new giveaway for everyone!
Toxic Lotus is giving away some nice pigments! Check it out HERE.
Have fun and good luck!

A beautiful day to everyone,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nina's Bargain Beauty- BH Cosmetics Giveaway

Hi everyone,
I know I'm behind on my posts, I will update soon.
Meanwhile, here is a great giveaway by a brilliant beauty blogger.
Just click the image and check it out.

Good luck and have a beautiful day!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Make-up Blah Giveaway!

Hi everyone!
Here's a little international giveaway from a fellow Portuguese blogger!
Check out Blah's giveaway by clicking the picture below!

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Have a beautiful day,

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aly Loves Lacquer 400 Follower Giveaway

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Just another great nail polish giveaway!
Click the picture to check it out and try your luck!

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The Dragon Lady- For the Love of Flakies Giveaway!

Hi everyone!
Here's another great giveaway to check out :)
If you love Finger Paints then you will like this and if, like me, FP isn't sold in your country then you will love this!
Click the picture and try your luck.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Elle's Makeup Blog Giveaway

Hello everyone!
Here's a nice little piece of news.
Elle's Makeup Blog is having an anniversary giveaway! Go check it out by clicking the pick below!
Have fun and good luck!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

E.L.F. Nail Polish Swatches

Hello, hello.
I've been asked repeatedly about elf's nail polishes so here's a little review/swatches for you all.
I'm going to start by posting a collection of photos with the polish bottles and my own nails painted with each colour. Bear in mind that this was flash photography and the nail were painted specifically for these swatches so they aren't perfect, that was because of my haste and not due to quality issues with the polish itself.
Also, click on the images to see them in a bigger size.
So, here we go:
This photo is missing two swatches- Twinkle and Dark Red
I also have Clear nail polish that is not in this photo and Matte Finisher Nail Polish (you can find review for that HERE).

About the elf Nail Polishes:
"This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting nail color with high shine. The aerodynamic bristle design glides color on flawlessly, while the quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients give nails that natural shine, infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails. 

Our formula is FREE of: Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)."

elf UK website
You can find all of elf's nail polishes HERE (for 2$) or HERE (1,50£ or 1,70€).

Now, let's look at them with a little more detail, shall we?
Some elf nail polishes have a gooey texture, others are more liquid, some need several coats, others are uniform, some are matte, some are shimmery, some will glob up after a while while others will always remain thin. So let me tell you about my experience with the ones I have.
In general I found elf nail polishes to be pretty good- they dry fast but are not very drying to the nails, are mostly uniform, have wonderful colours and a decent staying power. I do however advise using a good top coat (such as Barry M's 3 in 1 Nail Paint or Sally Hansen's top coats) to keep them on longer than a couple of days.
Here's a little rule I found for elf, be it for the nail polishes or for the eyeshadows- "If it shimmers, you will glow. If it's matte, you never know."
What I mean by this is that most of elf's shimmer/frosted products are amazing but many of their matte shades have some issues, some can be very good while others still need work.
I found they all last around 3 to 4 days without chipping (at least on me, what with scrubbing, cooking, washing, drawing and typing a lot, lasting three days is fairly good xD) but I will point out the ones that chipped the most.
It seems the more liquid ones (which were all matte colours) chip much faster than the thick gooey ones, but they are also softer on the nails, easy to apply and dry faster. The shimmer colours tend to be thicker, more resistant and much more opaque. As for the glitter colours, they are thick, dry very very fast, can be layered repeatedly and are very resistant, so elf glitter polishes definitly win.

So, let's analyze the polishes now, 'kay? Let's start with the matte colours, but bear in mind, that when I say matte I just mean non-glitter, non-shimmer opaque polishes, they are still naturally glossy though, unless you top them with a mattifier, so just remember that.

Purple Pleaser
I got this colour as part of my "Fan of the Week" gift on elf's facebook page.
This is a more wine or mangenta-ish colour than an actual purple and it is matte, of course. I find it to be very even and easy to apply with a decent consistency and somewhat resistant. It is also not drying to my nails.

Mint Creme
This colour is a very light green that really lives up to it's name, it looks delicious and is matte but glossy (not as light as in the flash photo). This one is pretty even as well but still needs at least two coats and takes a little longer to dry. The end result is pretty but this is one of the polishes that after a while started to gloop up and got a little harder to apply.

Light Red
This is an absolutely fabulous matte red shade that is very bright but classy too. It is opaque and very even, barely needing a second layer and it's quite resistant and fast drying.

This is a dark matte chocolate shade. This one has less than optimal coverage and therefore needs at least two layers to look even, it is also quite liquid but was also one of the polishes that started to gloop up after a while in storage. It dries very fast.

This is a very light nude lilac, it is not quite an opaque colour and is always somewhat translucent (but needs to coats to even out). It's quite liquid but fast drying.

This black is very dark and glossy but still a matte colour. It has a a heavy thick consistency and needs at least to coats, to me it was one of the hardest ones to apply and one of the polishes that chips the most too. So, even though I adore black, this was one of my least favourites.

Medium Red
I got this one as part of the Royal Wedding discount code, for those of you who remember it.
It is, obviously, a medium red the looks classy and not as flashy as the light red, I recommend this one to everyone. In terms of drying time and consistency, it is identical to Light Red.

Hot Pink
This is a very hot pink, not as subdued as it shows in the flash picture. Not much to say about this one, it has a liquidy consistency but is easy to apply and dries fast.

Gum Pink
This is a very light bubbly pink, it's actually lighter than the photo (which is ironic since all the other look lighter in the photos) and very glossy. It is similar to lilac in consistency and needs a couple of coats to become opaque. Dries fast and doesn't chip too much.

Mango Madness
A very cute coral-ish orange colour. It is pretty much like in the photo but more to the orange side. It is similar  in consistency, dry time and chip resistance to Hot Pink.

Now, one more matte and a whole lot of shimmer and glitters coming up.

As the name implies it is a teal colou, with a bit more of a green edge. It is darker than shown in the photo but not by much. It as a medium consistency, needs two coats, is fully opaque, takes a while to dry but is quite chip resistant. One of the general favourites.

Purple Dream
A bright, pure violet slightly shimmery colour, my favourite of all. I adore this one, the photo is quite loyal to the colour. The consistency is similar to Teal and it takes a while to dry but it is worth it.

Party Purple
A very warm dark purple with a slight shimmer to it. Not very even nor opaque, needs to coats, also has a medium consistency but dries quite fast, unfortunately it chips quite easily

Dark Glitter Purple
A slightly warm dark purple with very fine glitter. Not very opaque. Also has a medium consistency but dries quite fast and is quite chip resistant (lasted literally a month on my toes!)

Metal Madness
A deep gunmetal colour with lots of fine multicolored glitter, a pity that the photo couldn't pick up the glitter (which as soft nuances of orange, blue, green and silver). Very opaque, thick consistency but easy to apply, dries surprisingly fast but unlike most of elf's glitter polishes, this one chips fast.

This is a VERY dark navy blue with a hint of shimmer. In my opinion it is too dark and looks almost black once applied. It is very liquid and not too opaque so it needs two layers, but it does dry very fast. Medium chip resistance.

My second favourite colour- a soft pink with a golden shimmer. It's a pity the photo does not capture the gold shimmer at all. It is not very thick but it is very opaque, one layer will be enough for a simple mani. Medium drying time, decent chip resistance.

A very very light gold shimmer colour. It has medium consistency but not very chip resistant, dries fast and looks lovely but is quite light, only the shimmer gives it away as a sweet chic gold.

Beautiful copper colour, the photo captured the colour well in the bottle but not on the nail, in real life the colour you see in the bottle is accurate for the nails as well. It is a darker, hotter version of Blush and very shimmery, to me it really does look like copper. Medium consistency, dries fast and is quite resistant.

Red Velvet
A very shimmery red colour with a hint of mangenta to it. It's a lovely and classy colour. Thick consistency, not to hard to apply, takes a bit to dry but is fairly chip resistant.

Glitter Glam
It is very hard to photograph Glitter Glam but it is basically a clear polish packed with silver glitter, with two coats it becomes somewhat opaque with the huge amount of glitter in it. Dries very fast, can be layered a lot and is resistant.

Golden Goddess
Clear polish with fine gold glitter and chunks of big reflective glitter dots. Not opaque at all, good for layering over other polishes. Thick, dries fast, can be multi-layered, very resistant.

I forgot Dark Red, Clear and Twinkle, so here are photos for those.

Since Twinkle is hard to photograph and hard to see in a photo, these are photos of Twinkle multi-layered over elf's Navy nail polish. It is a clear nail polish packed with fine translucent reflective glitter. Not opaque, can be layered repeatedly (these photos have about 4 or 5 coats of Twinkle), dries very fast and is quite chip resistant.

Dark Red
A matte very dark blood red as the name indicates. Unlike Light and Medium Red, this is not very opaque or even, it needs at least two coats to even out and looks quite dark. Dries fairly fast, is thick and gooey (in fact it was one of the polishes that eventually began glooping up on me) and is not so resistant but quite pretty.

Normal clear polish. Thick consistency, easy to apply, takes a bit to dry, quite resistant but not the best for a top coat.

One word of advice on elf nail polish bottles- don't close them too tightly or sometimes the black cover may start rolling or pop off and you end up having to try and open the bottle by removing the black holder and using the inner cover of the lid/brush but that can be hard since it's tricky to get a good grip, but once you manage it just pop the cover back on and use it normally.

That's all for now.
Have a beautiful day,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ipad Giveaway from iAndrew

Hello everyone!
Want to win an ipad? Check out iAndrew's giveaway HERE! I'm not sure if it's international or just for portuguese followers, but check it out.
Have fun and good luck!


Olá malta!
Querem ganhar um iPad? Então vejam o sortei do blog iAndrew AQUI!
Divirtam-se e boa sorte!

Have a beautiful day,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

elf's Beauty Clutch (Just Swatches)

Hi everyone,
Here are some swatches from my elf Beauty Clutch.
I will review it in detail later but for now here are the swatches.
Bear in mind that I only swatched them once, I didn't pack on the colour for each swatch so you can see the differences in pigmentation, when I review this in detail I will add more heavy swatches if you want.

So, here is the Beauty Clutch:
Closed Clutch

Open top (mirror and eyshadows)

Open Clutch
And here are the swatches:
Eyeshadows - Columns 1-4

Eyeshadows - Columns 5-8

Bronzer - Light Blusher - Darker Blusher

The bronzer and blushers again but this time you can see the body shimmer beneath (though  faint)

Top: Eyebrow Powder - Eyebrow Cream
Below: Lipglosses (backwards)

I know the face swatches are faint but I assure you the products in this Clutch are all AMAZING! It's a good investment and is barely wider than a hand.
You can find the Beauty Clutch HERE (for 15£ or 17€) or HERE (for 15$).
Elf UK is having a sale now, so you can get this Clutch at 50% off!!

See you soon with a more detailed review.
Have a beautiful day,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lipgloss Love Affair Giveaway

Yeah, I know, lot's of giveaway posts today ^^'
I'm on a roll, so here's another one:

Have fun~~~~~~~~!!!!

Joining Bloglovin'

Hey everyone!
Now you can also follow me on Bloglovin'

Here's a little bit of code I need to post so my Bloglovin' account can connect to this blog:
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And now there's a little button to click on the side if you want to follow me.

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Lainey Lulu is having a giveaway

Yet another giveaway for you all, darlings!
Check out Laney Lulu's new giveaway at:

Have fun and good luck!
A beautiful day to you all!

Valentine Kisses January 2012 Mega Giveaway!

Hi again,
Here's another scrumptious giveaway for y'all.
Have fun!

Good luck!
Have a beautiful day,

Get Set To Shine has a delicious giveaway going on!

Hi guys,
Hopefully I will post a new review soon but until then, check out Get Set To Shine's new goody giveaway!
Click the image to link to the giveaway

So good luck everyone! And have fun!

Have a beautiful day,

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I got a little feature xD

Hello everyone,
I have been joining in the e.l.f. blog's New Year Challenges and for the first challenge (Bright Lip Colour Challenge), my photo got featured!
It was one of the most bright lip colours I have ever worn and it was part of a very wacky carnival look.
I used elf mineral lipstick in Cheerful Cherry, elf mineral lipstick in Royal Red and a little Stargazer's UV Orange Eyeshadow.

So guess which one is my look by checking out e.l.f.'s blog HERE.
And feel free to join in the e.l.f. challenges, they are a lot of fun.

Oh and once again, sorry for not updating much lately but I've been busy trying to deal with some crappy issues with DHL.

Lot's of lipstick love,

Monday, January 09, 2012

Powder Rooms Review

Hello, hello,
Today I will be reviewing PowderRooms.
(Click on their banner/picture to be redirected).

What is PowderRooms, you ask?
It is an online store and I chose to review them to share the experience I had with them, I feel the store should be reviewed and get a little free advertising because they do deserve it.
PowderRooms basically sells:
-Cosmetics, from great brands such as Laqa & Co, Eyeko, LiLash and LiBrow, Dianne Brill, and several others as well as make-up bags;
-Body, skin and hair care products from brands like Anatomicals, Korres, ZPM, and many others;
-Nail art products such as Butter London nail polishes, Eyeko polishes, Nail Rock nail wraps, nail treatments,  Laqa & Co nail pens, and so on;
-Household items (very original and unusual items, if I do say so myself) from brands such as HotHeads, Kiss Me Kwik, Fred, and more;
-Shoes (mostly Havaianas);
-Clothing, though mostly children's clothing from excellent brands such as No Added Sugar;
-Other children's items;
-Andrea Ketts Cards;
-Other gift sets.

My Experience.
I initially sought out this store to buy Eyeko products from the vintage collection (I dislike the changes to the Eyeko brand) and was pleased to find them in PowderRooms. At the time of my first purchase I bought Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara, Eyeko's duo jumbo eyeliner pens in Popstar and Superstar, Eyeko's Limited Edition Magic Liquid Eyeliner and Anatomical's Eye Cream.
A great thing I loved about PR is that the store sells the products at great prices! Sometimes even a little cheaper than the original stores (or a lot cheaper if they are having a sale) and I appreciated that greatly.
The shipping was a little bit pricy to my country but given how fast and effective it was, I guess I can't complain, besides many UK stores ship at much higher rates so all in all PR actually has average shipping prices.
The service was brilliant too, they reply to inquiries very fast, their facebook page is also very helpful and they are very keen on personal service, treating each customer as an individual rather than presenting mechanical mass responses. I don't know about you but I like that.
The items were all perfectly packaged in PR personalized paper wrap and here is a small detail that I personally think is wonderful- candies. Yes, candies. With every order they send custom PowderRooms candies and stickers for each customer and I think this is a very original signature trait of the store and also a rather adorable way to connect with the customers (plus they are very tasty, both my little sister and I loved them).

I really love the store and recommend it effusively. I give the whole store/experience/service a 9 out of 10.
As for the products they were in excellent condition and I will review them all soon.
Feel free to browse the store at and enjoy your shopping experience.

Lot's of pretty love,

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pinky Paradise Review -G&G GBT Blue Lenses

Hello my sweeties!
Today I'm going to do a review that I should have posted last October- I'm reviewing the blue contact lenses I got from Pinky Paradise and PP's service itself.

I bought G&G GBT Blue contact lenses. You can find them HERE.
Extra Info:
Manufacturer- G&G/Dueba
Diameter- 14.0mm
Water Content- 38%
Base Curve- 8.6mm

Validity- 1 Year
Price- 19.90$/16.52€/13.73£
I bought them with a -1/-1 prescription.
Shipping to Portugal cost me 4,50€.

I was very pleased with these lenses, they gave none of the problems I had before with the youknowit lenses.
They were a bit enlarging but looked pretty natural nonetheless, and despite my dark honey brown eyes, they had very decent coverage and blended in well with my eyes. In fact I've worn them for both cosplay and on my day-to-day life.
I find them very comfortable and have no problems seeing with them (as long as I remember to blink once in a while xD), there are no obscure corner of my sight like with some other lenses and I didn't even feel them on, I completely forgot I was wearing them.
As for the price, I found it very cheap for such high quality and for how long they last, and as a bargain hunter that pleased me greatly. Also, by using my blog code for Pinky Paradise I got a small little discount, a cute animal lens case and a surprise gift (in this case, a kamipita bow- a cute hair holding pink polka dot bow).
All in all I give the lenses a 10/10.

So here is my photo review of the lenses:

I also bought this:
Anna Sui Inspired Travelling Kit in Purple
  This turned out to be the best investment I could make when it comes to lens accessories. You can find it HERE. There are 6 colours to choose from- purple, dark pink, light pink, black, white, blue.
  It costs 5.99$/4.97€/4.13£ and includes: the travelling case with a mirror, a contact lens travelling case, a lens tweezer and an eye drop bottle.

As you can see I painted each pot of the lens case a different colour so I can tell the left lens from the right more easily and avoid accidents. 
Also note that the flash made these items look a lot lighter than they are in real life.

Extras I got with my code:
-Animal lens case. I got the purple fish case that you can find HERE.
-A cute pink polka dot Kamipika bow.
  About the Kamipika bow- I don't have a photo right now (might add one later) but Kamipika bows are a japanese brand of velcro bows used to both decorate your hair and hold it back when you are washing your face, putting on make-up, cooking, etc. They don't have a strong hold so they won't tangle or ruin your hairstyle but they are effecting in holding the hair back. Here is the Kamipika website, if you want to check it out (but you might need a browser translator since it's in japanese).

About the service:
Everything was taken care of very fast and the service was very competent. Any questions I had were answered fast (either by contacting them on the website or with their Facebook page).
I had absolutely no problems with them.
My lenses were wonderfully packaged in lot's and lot's of protective Styrofoam wrap and a cute Hello Kitty bands all in a bubble wrap padded package, so everything was quite safe.
Shipping was also a lot faster than I expected, the order was shipped in 24 hours and arrived about ten days later (I chose the cheapest shipping and usually takes longer for me to get these sorts of things, normally a month or so) so I was quite happy.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I plan to keep buying from them. I give the whole experience a 9 out of 10.

Be sure to check their Facebook page for promotions, or even their monthly contest. Also, check their website, they have hundreds of different lenses to choose from. And if you plan on ordering, please feel to use my blog code- ravenswrittings. The code can always be found on the side bar or by checking this post.

Finally, I am expecting another PP order soon with red lenses. I will review it as soon as they arrive.

Lot's of love,

Friday, January 06, 2012

Red Lip Colour Comparison Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!
Today I decided to talk about something I love -RED LIPSTICK <3
I've been somewhat obcessed with finding the perfect red lipsticks for different occasions, I wanted a hot warm red, a cool deep red, a dark shiny red and something more subtle for casual occasions. Since I have a neutral skin tone, I could easily pull off all of these tones, but finding them within my budget was the tricky part!
I'm happy to say I did find them all though and today I will be reviewing and comparing them!

Here they are (and yes that's my laptop).
From left to right:
elf's Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red
elf's Mineral Lipstick Cheerful Cherry
Dior Plastic Shine 957
F. Mendez Cuenca 2
elf's Lipstick in Fearless
elf's Lipstick Posh
elf's Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Sliper  

There is another lip colour I'm adding to this review, it is the deep red gloss in elf's Make-Up Clutch. Here's a photo (just follow the pretty blue arrow).

So, let me start by showing my bare lips, they are a bit chapped and dry because of the cold, but just bear with me here.

Bare Lips

Now here are my lips With each of the lippies!!!

elf's Make-up Clutch -Red Gloss
(The result is not blotchy! It looks blotchy because of my chapped lips)

elf Mineral Lipstick in
Royal Red

elf Mineral Lipstick in
Cheerful Cherry

Dior Plastic Shine 957

F. Mendez Cuenca nº2

elf Lipstick in

elf Lipstick in

elf Luscious Liquid lipstick in
Ruby Slipper

Beauty Clutch Gloss
You can find it here and here. Costs 10$/15£/17,50€

"Be fashionably beautiful for any occasion this holiday season! Ideal for the woman on-the-go, this stylish hard-sided Limited Edition Beauty Clutch provides the essentials to take your look from day to night. Open the 47-piece mirrored palette to reveal an array of eyeshadows on top and a pull-out tray with blushes, bronzer, eyebrow cream, and lip colors! The Beauty Clutch is your must-have makeup accessory of the season. This palette comes packaged in a sparkling silver glitter box for instant holiday glam!"
elf website
I plan on reviewing this whole clutch later but right now I'm only going to review the red gloss.
All glosses in this clutch are silky and very smooth, they are quite glossy but not sticky or heavy, they actually feel quite natural and look pretty bright.
I found the red gloss in this collection to be wonderful for a gentle and discreet red tint. It is fairly long lasting too but not incredibly pigmented.
I give it a 7 out of 10.

Mineral Lipstick -Royal Red and Cheerful Cherry
You can find it here and here. Costs 5$/3.50£/4€

"Now you can hydrate your lips and get a lasting soft color naturally! This nourishing blend of exotic oils, natural waxes, vitamins and plant extracts create the perfect moisturizing formula. The sleek lipstick has superior color payoff, glides easily onto lips, and is long wearing. Lips stay perfectly hydrated and soft throughout the day for no fuss, lip loving happiness. All our mineral makeup is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes."
elf website
I love the elf mineral line, it's amazing and these lipsticks are highly silky, long lasting and hydrating.
Royal Red is a gorgeous deep bordaux red with a slight hint of shimmer. I found the tone to be a little on the cold side but it is quite wonderful and not too intense even though it's so deep, plus it can also be layered to go from a gentle deep tint to an intense dark red.
I give it an 8 out of 10.

Cheerful Cherry is a warm cherry red with a slight gold shimmer to it. It is a lovely warm tone and can also be layered but is a bit more intense than Royal Red when it comes to layering and yet less intense than elf's essential line lipsticks. Like all of elf's mineral lipsticks I find it very very silky and hydrating but this one feathers a little more than the Royal Red and other mineral lippies I own.
It's a good casual red for a simple day-to-day look.
I give it 8 out of 10.

Dior Plastic Shine 957
You can find it in several make-up boutiques including Sephora, for example, and other local stores. It usually costs around 23$ or 16£ in the UK  and 12€ in the rest of Europe (or that least these are the price averages I have find with a little investigation).

Let it be known that even though I ADORE Dior and Lacôme, I never actually purchase these brands because they are not cost effective for me, they are too expensive and I am a bit of a bargain hunter. However, I got this one as a present so I decided to review it anyway.
This lip colour comes in liquid form in a classy little tube with a sponge applicator. It is slightly heavy and a little sticky but absolutly worth it! It does not feather or budge easily and is incredibly intense and deep for the perfect glossed up lips, it truly lives up to it's name but I would have called it "glass shine" rather than "plastic shine", to be perfectly honest. If you want a more matte tone, you can also achive it simply by blotting it a little with a tissue.
However, this is not very good for layering, and it can last all day long but will feather slightly without a lip liner but only if kept on all day since in general it doesn't feather much for a liquid colour.
I give it a 9 out of 10.

F. Mendez Cuenca nº2
I will be perfectly honest- I think this brand has been completely discontinued. This is a very very old lipstick that my mom kept frozen in storage with a few others and gave it to me when she moved. I think my granmother brought this from South Africa but it might one of the colours my mother bought in Spain a few years ago. After many hours of research I failed to find any online information of it. If you can find a store selling these, please inform me.

Ayway, this is a very old-school intense lipstick. This particular tone is warm and almost orangy, but not good for layering. It does NOT feather or budge, it almost reminds me of the old whale fat lipsticks my granmother still owned before she passed away but all of the ingredients in this state that it is cruelty free, it is really thick and sometimes even a little hard to remove. Despite all this it's not very sticky nor heavy and even though it's not very hydrating, it's not drying or aggressive to the lips either.
So all in all, it's an old style lippie with all it's pros and cons.
I give it a 5 out of 10.

elf Lipstick in Fearless
You can find it here and here. Costs 1$/1,50£/1,70€

"Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips.
Apply to lips and blend in color for total lip saturation. Re-apply as often as desired.
Instantly beautiful, healthy-looking lips designed, formulated and tested by our professional team of makeup artists."
elf website
I was so eager to my hands to this beauty!!! It is the PERFECT hot red. I won't go into much detail because I already reviewed it, but it is officially my favourite red right now. 
You can read my review on this one here.
I give it a 10 out of 10.

elf Lipstick in Posh
You can find it here and here. Costs 1$/1,50£/1,70€

"Indulge your lips with long lasting color and shine. The moisture rich formula hydrates, conditions and softens on contact for silky smooth lips.
Apply to lips and blend in color for total lip saturation. Re-apply as often as desired.
Instantly beautiful, healthy-looking lips designed, formulated and tested by our professional team of makeup artists."
elf website
Colour wise Posh is a cold deep berry red (as opposed to elf's Fearless -that is hot, bright and warm), it's relatively matte but still somewhat glossy and it is deep, intense, somewhat layer-able and quite attention grabbing but not as dark or gaudy as Dior Plastic so it is still proper and demure for most occasions.
Quality wise it is extremely smooth and easy to apply, it doesn't feather easily or dry up your lips. I found it very confortable to apply, plus it was easy to correct in case of smudging, something rare for red lipsticks.
I give it an 8 out of 10.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper
You can find it here and here. Costs 1$/1,50£/1,70€

"Lip therapy is here. Intensive hydrating agents along with natural pigments leave lips with Long-lasting colour and moisture. This luscious liquid lipstick creates wearable colour that flatters a multitude of skin tones and looks."
elf website
This is a rather nifty lip colour. I think it fails as a liquid lipstick and is not very pigmented at all BUT it does work wonderfully as a tinted red lipgloss with a golden shimmer. I like to use this over other warm lipsticks to give them that shiny pop but I rarely use it alone unless I just want a slight shine.
It is not sticky or heavy and for a liquid gloss it lasts for a reasonable amount of time (3 to 5 hours) and does not smudge or feather. I find it quite comfortable and handy. Also, it comes in a twist up little pen with a sponge tip and despite looking like a tiny amount of product for such a long pen, it lasts a surprisingly long time.
I give it an 6 out of 10.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this red lip colour review! Next up I will be reviewing black eyeliners,, and more elf products.
Feel free to request more reviews of products in my elf products list (here).

Lot's of lipstick love,