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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am so sorry everyone

Hello my dears,
I am so sorry. Just when I promise to start posting daily, I went MIA...Why? Well, my laptop fried.
And yes I mean that literally, my motherboard literally fried inside my computer when someone spilled milk over my keyboard. My laptop was already having problems so this just killed it.
That along with my usual personal and family issues made me unable to come online or write anything and therefore I am very sorry everyone.
However, I was (almost by miracle actually) granted a new laptop by my poor dear old dad. I am very grateful for it and vow to care for this new laptop with the utmost carefullness. I also promise to try and improve and update my blog a lot more from now on, I can promise I will update it daily since I'm still trying to get back all my lost data but I will try my best.

Anyway, on to better news.
My birthday giveaway (which should now probably be called "End of the Year" giveaway) has been extended again untill December 31st. However this is the final deadline and I won't alter it again (PROMISE!), also all the people who have entered all still in the run.
Check it out here:

Secondly, my daily (well almost daily) beauty tips mini-posts will continue! Also feel free to send me any of your own beauty tips to and I will feature them on my posts. Plus I love to learn new tips ^_^

Finally, check out Michelle Phan's most recent video for some interesting news here-
Or just check out Michelle Phan's new MyGlam project here- AND HERE-

That's all for now my friends!
Lot's of lipstick love,

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