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Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Know It Lens Review- Funky Eyes 3 Tone Violet

Hello everyone,
As promised I'm finally getting back to my reviews and here is a review I've done before but since I revamped my blog, I think it's time to write about this one again.
Last October (2010), I bought some contact lenses from the online lens store You Know It.
I really wanted to try a flashy pair of coloured circle lenses for Halloween and since I LOVE violet eyes I decided to go with violet lenses.

You Know It offers a wide variety of lenses from various brands and several complete sets, I myself bought a complete set of Funky Eye's 3 Tone Violet Lenses.
This set included:
-a pair of violet lenses, each in its own glass flask
-a 60ml bottle of contact lens solution
-a lens storage case

I think You Know It's sets are wonderful because you get the whole package so cheap! The set I bought is now even cheaper because it includes free shipping, but at the time I bought my lenses I had to pay the shipping, however it was so cheap I just paid in total 22€.
The second best feature of You Know It is, as I stated before, the incredible variety of lenses they own.
As for the third best feature of this shop it was the shipping- it was so incredibly fast and safe! I got my lenses in 5 days! That's all thanks to the fact that this store is based in the UK, unlike most coloured lens stores with similar prices that are almost all based in Asia (Korea mainly but also Japan and China).
The customer service blew me away as well, they were incredibly nice, fast and effective. I helped a friend of mine buy a pair of white lenses for halloween as well but he accidentally ordered and paid for two pairs and I aided him in fixing the issue with You Know It, and guess what? The order was corrected and refunded in two hours! Excelent service indeed.

As for the lenses themselves, it was my first time using opaque circle lenses but they were surprisingly easy to wear. They were also quite confortable but a bit hard to see in, specially for a first timer like me, every time I turned my head my sight went white for a few seconds and from time to time things got blurry (mostly from the pupil being partially covered), mostly because the lens was very opaque and it was obviously a special effects lens so the goal wasn't perfect sight but perfect flashy effect.
All in all the lenses fulfilled their goal and even though they were 90 days lenses they were very sturdy and I bet they would have lasted much longer.

Here are the photos so you can see the results in terms of effect, please excuse the dramatic make-up, remember it was halloween.

Bare Eyes

With lenses

With lenses
In natural daylight -sorry for the quality it was taken with a camera phone
(By the way those are not false lashes ^^)

Even without the flash of the camera the lenses were very intense and noticeable. I loved the colour and how it made my eyes larger.

I'll give them 8 stars out of 10.

I would definitly advise you to check this online store!
Have fun trying out new eyes ^^



  1. wow they look amazing!! love the makeup you've done to match em :) <3

  2. Thank you! I've improved my make-up techniques since then but I did have fun with these styles!

  3. OMG! you have the same colour eyes as me! :D btw do you know of any reviews for the funky eyes uv/glow lenses? youknowit sells them as well. thank you!


  4. I have a problem. So, I can't find the add to cart button!! >.< I've tried on multiple devices, it's literally not on the page! I live in New York. Shouldn't it work? Please help!