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Monday, January 09, 2012

Powder Rooms Review

Hello, hello,
Today I will be reviewing PowderRooms.
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What is PowderRooms, you ask?
It is an online store and I chose to review them to share the experience I had with them, I feel the store should be reviewed and get a little free advertising because they do deserve it.
PowderRooms basically sells:
-Cosmetics, from great brands such as Laqa & Co, Eyeko, LiLash and LiBrow, Dianne Brill, and several others as well as make-up bags;
-Body, skin and hair care products from brands like Anatomicals, Korres, ZPM, and many others;
-Nail art products such as Butter London nail polishes, Eyeko polishes, Nail Rock nail wraps, nail treatments,  Laqa & Co nail pens, and so on;
-Household items (very original and unusual items, if I do say so myself) from brands such as HotHeads, Kiss Me Kwik, Fred, and more;
-Shoes (mostly Havaianas);
-Clothing, though mostly children's clothing from excellent brands such as No Added Sugar;
-Other children's items;
-Andrea Ketts Cards;
-Other gift sets.

My Experience.
I initially sought out this store to buy Eyeko products from the vintage collection (I dislike the changes to the Eyeko brand) and was pleased to find them in PowderRooms. At the time of my first purchase I bought Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara, Eyeko's duo jumbo eyeliner pens in Popstar and Superstar, Eyeko's Limited Edition Magic Liquid Eyeliner and Anatomical's Eye Cream.
A great thing I loved about PR is that the store sells the products at great prices! Sometimes even a little cheaper than the original stores (or a lot cheaper if they are having a sale) and I appreciated that greatly.
The shipping was a little bit pricy to my country but given how fast and effective it was, I guess I can't complain, besides many UK stores ship at much higher rates so all in all PR actually has average shipping prices.
The service was brilliant too, they reply to inquiries very fast, their facebook page is also very helpful and they are very keen on personal service, treating each customer as an individual rather than presenting mechanical mass responses. I don't know about you but I like that.
The items were all perfectly packaged in PR personalized paper wrap and here is a small detail that I personally think is wonderful- candies. Yes, candies. With every order they send custom PowderRooms candies and stickers for each customer and I think this is a very original signature trait of the store and also a rather adorable way to connect with the customers (plus they are very tasty, both my little sister and I loved them).

I really love the store and recommend it effusively. I give the whole store/experience/service a 9 out of 10.
As for the products they were in excellent condition and I will review them all soon.
Feel free to browse the store at and enjoy your shopping experience.

Lot's of pretty love,

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