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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pinky Paradise Review -G&G GBT Blue Lenses

Hello my sweeties!
Today I'm going to do a review that I should have posted last October- I'm reviewing the blue contact lenses I got from Pinky Paradise and PP's service itself.

I bought G&G GBT Blue contact lenses. You can find them HERE.
Extra Info:
Manufacturer- G&G/Dueba
Diameter- 14.0mm
Water Content- 38%
Base Curve- 8.6mm

Validity- 1 Year
Price- 19.90$/16.52€/13.73£
I bought them with a -1/-1 prescription.
Shipping to Portugal cost me 4,50€.

I was very pleased with these lenses, they gave none of the problems I had before with the youknowit lenses.
They were a bit enlarging but looked pretty natural nonetheless, and despite my dark honey brown eyes, they had very decent coverage and blended in well with my eyes. In fact I've worn them for both cosplay and on my day-to-day life.
I find them very comfortable and have no problems seeing with them (as long as I remember to blink once in a while xD), there are no obscure corner of my sight like with some other lenses and I didn't even feel them on, I completely forgot I was wearing them.
As for the price, I found it very cheap for such high quality and for how long they last, and as a bargain hunter that pleased me greatly. Also, by using my blog code for Pinky Paradise I got a small little discount, a cute animal lens case and a surprise gift (in this case, a kamipita bow- a cute hair holding pink polka dot bow).
All in all I give the lenses a 10/10.

So here is my photo review of the lenses:

I also bought this:
Anna Sui Inspired Travelling Kit in Purple
  This turned out to be the best investment I could make when it comes to lens accessories. You can find it HERE. There are 6 colours to choose from- purple, dark pink, light pink, black, white, blue.
  It costs 5.99$/4.97€/4.13£ and includes: the travelling case with a mirror, a contact lens travelling case, a lens tweezer and an eye drop bottle.

As you can see I painted each pot of the lens case a different colour so I can tell the left lens from the right more easily and avoid accidents. 
Also note that the flash made these items look a lot lighter than they are in real life.

Extras I got with my code:
-Animal lens case. I got the purple fish case that you can find HERE.
-A cute pink polka dot Kamipika bow.
  About the Kamipika bow- I don't have a photo right now (might add one later) but Kamipika bows are a japanese brand of velcro bows used to both decorate your hair and hold it back when you are washing your face, putting on make-up, cooking, etc. They don't have a strong hold so they won't tangle or ruin your hairstyle but they are effecting in holding the hair back. Here is the Kamipika website, if you want to check it out (but you might need a browser translator since it's in japanese).

About the service:
Everything was taken care of very fast and the service was very competent. Any questions I had were answered fast (either by contacting them on the website or with their Facebook page).
I had absolutely no problems with them.
My lenses were wonderfully packaged in lot's and lot's of protective Styrofoam wrap and a cute Hello Kitty bands all in a bubble wrap padded package, so everything was quite safe.
Shipping was also a lot faster than I expected, the order was shipped in 24 hours and arrived about ten days later (I chose the cheapest shipping and usually takes longer for me to get these sorts of things, normally a month or so) so I was quite happy.

All in all it was a wonderful experience and I plan to keep buying from them. I give the whole experience a 9 out of 10.

Be sure to check their Facebook page for promotions, or even their monthly contest. Also, check their website, they have hundreds of different lenses to choose from. And if you plan on ordering, please feel to use my blog code- ravenswrittings. The code can always be found on the side bar or by checking this post.

Finally, I am expecting another PP order soon with red lenses. I will review it as soon as they arrive.

Lot's of love,

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